Retain New Donors from Your Year-End Campaign with These Tips

As you enter the new year you’re likely thinking about your goals and adjusting your strategy accordingly. One of the most important things to evaluate right now is your nonprofit’s donor stewardship strategy. Donor stewardship reaffirms to your donors that they made a good decision when supporting your organization. People appreciate being thanked for offering their support, which will in turn encourage them to donate or volunteer again in the future, donate or volunteer more frequently, and share your purpose with their network. Plus, your stewardship efforts could encourage them to support more nonprofit organizations, which improves the nonprofit ecosystem as a whole.

Nonprofit donor stewardship is key to retaining new donors from your year-end campaign, continuing to engage with recurring donors, and even reengaging lapsed donors. But how do you get started with donor stewardship and ensure your strategy leads to success? Keep reading for three tips you can implement for a winning donor stewardship strategy.

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